Winiary Stringy Cheese Sauce Mix for Pasta

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20 min., 4 servings

1. Pour 700 ml of cold water, 100 ml of 12% cream into a deep pan and add package contents Winiary Idea for..., mix well and bring to a boil.
2. Add 200 g of pasta and cook according to the instructions on the pasta package, stirring occasionally.
3. Then add 200 g of grated cheese and mix. When the cheese melts, the dish is ready.


Ingredients: Potato starch*, cheese powder 31.4% (from milk) (including cheese: cheddar 3.3%, mozzarella 0.1%, hard cheese 0.1%, blue), salt, dried vegetables (onion*, garlic*), yeast extract*, poultry fat*, whey powder* (from milk), flavors (with milk), herbs 1.4% (parsley leaf*, oregano*), turmeric*.