Winiary Salty Caramel Pudding

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Salty caramel is an increasingly popular delicacy. Its taste can be found in many products – now also in the dessert Winiary! Reach for the salty caramel flavor pudding and enjoy the velvety texture, perfect density, fabulous aroma and taste that you won’t have enough of. Serve dessert in bowls, cups or cups. Decorate it or not – as you like. Tasty!

To prepare: Pour 0.5 cup from 0.5 liter of cold milk, pour the contents of the package and 30 g (2 full spoons) of sugar into it and mix well. Boil the remaining milk. Pour the dissolved powder into the boiling milk, stirring constantly. From the moment of boiling, cook for another 0.5 minutes. Pour the ready pudding into the bowls, do not mix and leave to cool. You can decorate the pudding with pieces of caramel.


Ingredients: starch (maize, potato), salt, color (caramel), aroma, roasted chicory extract