Serenata Triplo Wafer Bar

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Milk chocolate filled bar with wafer and hazelnut cream. 

50g / 1.76oz

Ingredients: Hazelnut Flavoured Cream (51%) [Sugar, Vegetable Oils (Palm Oil, Cottonseed Oil and Sunflower Oil), Vegetable Fats (Palm Oil, and Palm Kernel Oil),Skim Milk, Whey Powder, Low fat Cocoa, Soya Lecithin (Emulsifier), Artificially Flavored Hazelnut], Milk Chocolate (46%) [Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Liquor, Milk, Soya Lecithin (Emulsifier), Vanillin], Waffle [Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil), Soya Flour, Soya Lecithin (Emulsifier), Sodium Bicarbonate, Salt, Maize Starch, Sulphite Ammonia Caramel (Color)].