Prymat Seasoning for Ribs with Honey

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Pork ribs are a very popular and liked dish in Polish cuisine due to the ease of preparation. They have tender meat and low fat content. Once the most famous were ribs with cabbage. Currently, the most popular are grilled ribs. The ribs can be made into a juicy, tasty dish, and the best ribs are those with a high meat content and not too much fat. The spice for ribs with honey Prymat will allow you to easily and quickly prepare excellent-tasting ribs that will prove themselves in the everyday menu as well as for more festive occasions, for example for a family Sunday dinner. Our spice will add flavor to both ribs baked on a baking sheet and prepared in a heat-resistant dish or in a baking bag. The spice for ribs with honey Prymat can be seasoned with popular pork ribs as well as more exquisite ones - veal or lamb. However, during the barbecue season, it is worth trying those with honey straight from the grill.