Prymat Seasoning for Pickled Cucumbers

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Pickled cucumbers called gherkins are a universally loved addition to Polish cuisine. For years, it has been served in our homes as a snack or an ingredient of various sandwiches, salads and lunch dishes. Prymat pickling mix allows for quick and easy preparation of your favorite preserves at home. The secret of vinegary, crispy and hard cucumbers is the proper preparation of vinegar pickle with spices such as: white mustard, allspice or black pepper. Due to the carefully developed recipe and carefully selected proportions, Prymat mix for pickled cucumbers will guarantee you the same excellent taste of preserves every time.

To prepare pickled cucumbers, prepare: cucumbers (3 kg for 6 jars of 1 l), brine with 1.5 l of water, 0.25 l of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of salt and 3 tablespoons of sugar. Boil the mixed brine. Pour 2 tablespoons of Prymat Pickle Mixes into a 1-liter jar. Then place the cucumbers in each of the jars and pour the previously prepared brine. After tightly closing the jar, we pasteurize them for 3-5 minutes. Pickled cucumbers prepared in this way are ready immediately after preparation. The package of Prymat pickling mixes is enough to prepare about 6 jars with a capacity of 1 l.