Prymat Seasoning for Cucumbers in Brine

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Who does not admire the traditional taste of pickled cucumbers and seasonal low-salt cucumbers! Pickled and low-salt cucumbers are great as an addition to sandwiches, dinner or just a snack. The secret of this culinary specialty of Polish cuisine lies in a careful recipe based on fresh cucumbers, properly selected proportions of spices such as: horseradish, dill, white mustard, garlic and classic salt brine.

Low-salt cucumbers are slightly salty and crunchy, after taking them out of the jar they actually look like pickled cucumbers, only their middle remains opaque due to the short pickling time. This is our Polish classic, which can be prepared very quickly at home. Low-salt cucumbers need only 3 days to get the perfect taste in the brine, while pickled cucumbers should be stored in a cool place for several weeks (approx. 20 days).

To prepare sour and low-salt cucumbers, we need 3 kg of cucumbers, then prepare the pickle by dissolving the salt (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water). Pour 2 tablespoons of Mixtures for sour and low-salt cucumbers Prymat into 1-litre jars. Place the washed cucumbers vertically in each of the jars, and then pour them with the previously prepared salt brine. Cover the prepared jars with a cloth or a plate. Low-salt cucumbers will be ready after about 3 days. To obtain pickled cucumbers, close the jars tightly and leave them in a cool place for several weeks. The package of Prymat mix for sour and low-salt cucumbers is enough to prepare about 6 jars with a capacity of 1 l.