Prymat Grilled Cheese Seasoning

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Thanks to the Ser Grill Prymat seasoning, you can season any cheese that you want to prepare on an electric, gas or charcoal grill. Also cheese from the pan or oven will taste delicious with this spice. Just add some rapeseed oil and Ser Grill Prymat seasoning to prepare an effective, tasty and aromatic dish. Cheeses that are perfect for grilling include: traditional Polish oscypek, which can be served with the addition of cranberry jam. French camembert is a well-known and valued blue cheese for grilling. It tastes just as great when we let it melt on the grill. It is worth serving it with dried fruit and nuts. Cheese from Cyprus - halloumi - is also becoming more and more popular, boldly entering Polish salons and plates. Also, grilled goat cheese has more and more fans.