Marco Polo Mixed Fruit Candy

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If you love fresh strawberries, cherries, lemons and oranges, you’re in for a quadruple dose of natural fruit-flavored goodness with Marco Polo Mixed Fruit Candy. Each bag features an assortment of colorful strawberry, cherry, lemon and orange hard candies. The perfect blend of fruity tang and sweetness, each treat has a hard candy shell and a fruit-filled chewy center. Once you experience the “crunch” and “chew” of these delicious treats, they could become your “go to” confections when you are craving a small, guilt-free indulgence. Marco Polo Mixed Fruit Candies are worth savoring (If you can wait), by enjoying the hard exterior first and then rewarding yourself with the extra flavor pop of the softer filling.


Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, fruit base (orange, lemon, strawberry, cherry).