Kamis Horseradish Mustard

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Horseradish gives the mustard a spicier taste, and these sensations are further enhanced by a unique combination of spices. Mustard goes well with any dish to which we want to add a slight spiciness and horseradish aroma. It can also be used in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, where it adds intensity to dishes. No added preservatives. Suggested consumption: Horseradish mustard goes best with meat. Combining it with poultry, cold cuts, sausages, pork shank or roast will guarantee a very interesting, slightly spicy taste experience. The mixture is a good addition to fish and sauces, both hot and cold. In vegetarian cuisine it can be an ingredient of salads. It also goes well with tofu and cheeses, e.g. halloumi.  


Ingredients: water, spirit vinegar, MUSTARD, sugar, ground horseradish root (4%), salt, spices, tarragon.