Delecta Raspberry, Blackberry, Cranberry Gelatin Mix

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    Jelly with forest fruit flavors: raspberry, blackberry and cranberry, like other Delecta jellies, will always sweeten your day. JELLY is exceptionally clear and sets quickly. JELLY is served alone or as a dessert with fruit or whipped cream. Let your imagination run wild and prepare a delicious dessert or cake, add your favorite additions... for yourself or your loved ones... straight from the heart.
    1. Boil water and measure 375 ml.
    2. Pour the contents of the bag into boiling hot water and mix thoroughly until dissolved (do not boil).
    3. Pour the jelly into salad bowls and after cooling, place in the refrigerator until it sets.


    Ingredients: Sugar, gelatin, acidity regulator: citric acid; red beetroot juice, aromas, color: anthocyanins.