Boromir Puff Pastry Layers

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To make Vanilla Cream Cremeschnitte, mix 1 liter of milk with 250g of sugar, three eggs, and 100g of cornstarch in a non stick pot and boil for about 15 minutes stirring constantly. After boiling add 50g of butter, 20g of vanilla sugar and lemon zest from one lemon and mix until smooth. Layer puff pastry in a baking dish 4-5cm high. Add hot cream between the layers. Each piece of cremeschnitte will be portioned after 10-12 hours. 

380g / 13.5oz

Ingredients: white wheat flour, vegetable oils: palm, sunflower, rapeseed, water,emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids and soy lecithin, sugar, iodized salt, flavors, acidifier: citric acid, coloring: beta carotene. Contains wheat gluten and soy.