Appetita Goulash Seasoning

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Goulash, which is one of the most popular dishes in Poland originated from Hungary. It is a kind of thick meat soup prepared with lots of onions, peppers and potatoes. In Poland, it was adopted in the form of a ragout meat dish, in the form of stewed meat with paprika sauce and onion. Goulash can be made from beef, pork and veal. The characteristic aroma is given by the spices used, which have a spicy taste. Stew seasoning can be used to season meat and sauces.


Ingredients: salt, sweet pepper, tomato Powder, corn flour, garlic, onion, hot pepper, black pepper, caraway seed, vegetable protein hydrolyzate, allspice, mustard, silicon dioxide, marjoram. May contain gluten, celery, soy, milk and egg.